Performance Tuning for a Global Manufacturer of Personal & Household Goods 

The end customer is a leading global manufacturer of personal and household goods that operates in 11 countries and employs more than 6000 workers. They wanted Dynamics 365 to be their primary ERP solution, but the implementation came with its challenges.

For that reason, the company’s ERP consultants requested the help of Dynatuner’s expert Technical Architect and CEO Brandon Ahmad and his team of developers to enhance and monitor the performance of the ongoing Dynamics 365 implementation.

Although the end customer’s goal was innovating their system to make effective use of automation and to gain full visibility of their finances, operations, sales, and logistics, several setbacks during the implementation had caused them to fall behind schedule-wise, raising several performance-related concerns that would cause loses long-term.

That was especially true for the finances department, where the number of operations vastly outdid the number of performance testers, making it difficult to solve issues that were affecting the department’s performance.

Over six months, Dynatuners offered timely, thorough ERP and supply chain consulting, customization of different Dynamics 365 SCM features, and the development of customer-centered solutions to ensure the end customer carried out business operations in the best way possible.

For instance, they created a much-needed solution to automate testing for the finance department, which consisted of replicating the tester’s interaction to match the scale of the operations in the department.

Moreover, Dynatuners implemented a customized ISV to test the performance of different business processes with an adjustable number of testing cases to determine the most effective, efficient ways to boost the end customer’s system performance. The solution ended up spotting several processes that were causing problems across different departments in the company.

The end customer was happy with Dynatuner’s performance. After all, they had helped them achieve their goals within the expected time frame, ensuring the well-being of the company’s business operations for days to come.

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