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Enhanced Visibility and Customized Reporting for a Mining Company

Our customer, based on Colorado, U.S., is a well-established silver mining & refining company. With over 250 employees, they faced the challenge of migrating their entire operation’s ERP system to the updated version of Dynamics 365. After their director reached out to request a consulting, the stakes became obvious for our team.

There was a clear lack of cross-company reporting. This issue affected their general ledger, as well as sales, warehousing and customer services. The source of the issue lied in the countless hours that their controllers, warehouse and sales managers, had to spend in order to unify data for reports, often going over due dates. The difficulty of overcoming this challenge, as a team, was to combine their Excel sheets and the rest of their data in unified reports, making sure of fulfilling their schedule. In particular, since our customer needed to migrate their entity to the updated version of Dynamics 365, hence, they needed visibility of all the data involved.

To solve their issue, we proceeded with customizing their store entity. Building a custom project module comprised of a series of reports, which fed from Excel sheets, SSRS, and Power BI, allowing the company to obtain cross reports throughout all their operation.  We also included report templates that our customer uses until the present.

We were able to complete the entire migration and custom project module for reporting in two weeks. Though there were issues along the way, mainly with obtaining the data for the reports, our customer was satisfied, and to this day, still uses our consulting services.

Over this two-week period, using the Customer, Vendor and Warehousing areas of Dynamics 365 as well as Power BI enhancements and a custom project module for reports, we were able to solve the visibility issue of our customer. This allowed them a better hold of their ERP system and management of their operations’ resources.

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